One hundred-and-fifty species challenge

Update : 10th December ’20 – so close … 149 pics … heading to 150 !

This page is about three nature lovers who started their “big year” on January 1st 2020. The target is to take picture and identify as many bird species as possible within the year. As we are quite new in birding, we only count species we are able to reliably recognise, therefore photograph for each species is needed and we are going to gradually upoad the pictures we make on the pages as well as on our Instagram account “wander_czech“. Our main area of interest is the east part of the Czech Republic, especially Tovačov’s ponds, Jeseniky mountains, river Morava, but we are also going to visit other places accross the Czech Republic as well as in Europe. In Czech there was observed around 350 species since 1950 and our bold plan is to photo at least 150 of them. So finger crossed and here we go!